MMeets SOLE SEARCHING by PractiseStudioPractise

Sun 29 Jan 2017, 11.00am–1.00pm


2017-01-29 2017-01-29 Australia/Melbourne SOLE SEARCHING by PractiseStudioPractise MPAVILION

Whilst a rock in your shoe can be an infuriating tick, the restorative power of a rock under foot is widely practised. Reflexologists and PSP suggest that applying pressure to certain areas of the foot can target maladies of vital organs and improve one’s general well being.

Through a strategic and thoughtful application of embellishments, Sole Searching participants will create segments of a modern day reflexology path. In it’s own way, each contribution to the path will explore the physical and architectural implications of walkable design. Flat footed thinking will be set aside for an open forum of creative practice and the traditional principles of reflexology.

Sole Searchers are encouraged to take their special segment of the reflexology path home after the workshop for continued embellishment and healing.

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