Introducing the inaugural Living Cities Forum 2017

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Exciting news in the world of architecture and design: the Naomi Milgrom Foundation—the very foundation that commissions MPavilion year-in, year out—has announced the arrival of the first Living Cities Forum 2017. Hailing from Melbourne, Rotterdam, London, Hong Kong, Barcelona, and Los Angeles, the City Futures Forum 2017 brings leading urban thinkers to Melbourne to consider the factors…

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MPavilion on Google Arts & Culture

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Now you, your friends, or anyone in the world, can step back in time and visit MPavilion 2014, 2015, and 2016 as they were: all three live-on in stunning virtual form on Google Arts & Culture! From 360˚ street-view tours, images from all three MPavilions in the Queen Victoria Gardens, to photos, videos and digital recordings…

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Bijoy Jain’s MPavilion 2016 to be relocated to Melbourne Zoo


We are happy to announce that Studio Mumbai and Bijoy Jain’s MPavilion 2016 will soon have a new home at Melbourne Zoo! The relocation is now underway with assistance from the City of Melbourne, Naomi Milgrom Foundation and Kane Constructions. Designed by Bijoy Jain and Studio Mumbai, MPavilion 2016 is a beautiful architectural structure. Naomi Milgrom, patron of…

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Introducing our next architects


We’ve only just wrapped-up the MPavilion 2016/17 program and now we are thrilled to unwrap our next architect for you. The fourth MPavilion, arriving in spring 2017, will be designed by Netherlands–based architects Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten of OMA. A creator of modern architectural icons, OMA is a prolific international practice of worldwide distinction…

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A Q & A with Jonnine Standish

Photo by Warwick Baker.

Jonnine Standish is an acclaimed art director and musician, perhaps best known as one-half of the lauded minimal electronic duo, HTRK. Thematically her lyrics explore the body’s reaction to work and loss using sex drive and humour as themes and devices. She is also the co-curator of M*Sync, a celebration of collective consciousness that includes…

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A Q & A with David Patman of the Unconscious Collective


David Patman is a social theorist, digital artist and consultant who works with the unconscious social dynamics of groups and communities. Trained as an engineer with a PhD in social theory, David is interested in the sociology and cybernetics of sleeping and dreaming. David is co-founder and director of the Unconscious Collective – an informal…

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Interview: a Q & A with Aric Chen


Aric Chen is lead curator for design and architecture at M+, the new museum of visual culture under construction in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District slated for completion in 2019. Aric Chen joins on Tuesday night for MTalks—Design and architecture from an Asian (museum’s) point of view and ahead of his arrival we asked him some questions. __________ MPavilion:…

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Four questions with Professor Julie Bernhardt


Julie Bernhardt, professor at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne, is a clinician scientist who has spent more than twenty-five years helping patients recover from brain injuries. The scope of her work has expanded to include the use of virtual reality (VR). Julie joins us at MPavilion for a number of…

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A Q & A with ‘Tree-telling’ artist Caitlin Franzmann


In Tree-telling, artist Caitlin Franzmann deploys seven hand-crafted divination cards as the trigger for experimental one-on-one encounters between herself and individual participants. The seven cards are paired with seven sound compositions, each corresponding to a tree in the Queen Victoria Gardens surrounding the MPavilion: Canary Island Palm, River Red Gum, London Plane, Algerian Oak, Jacaranda, Atlas…

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A Q & A with Claudia Martinez Mansell of Greening Bourj Al Shamali

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The Greening Bourj Al Shamali initiative aims to green and improve the living conditions in Bourj Al Shamali refugee camp in Lebanon, a theoretically temporary Palestinian refugee camp that is now a 60-year-old informal urban environment, densely built and without green spaces. The aim is to create a community garden in the camp, as well…

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November’s Greatest Hits

Summer is here. It’s time to enjoy the gradual, upward climb of the thermometer as warmth seeps back into our weary bones. The change of month also means it’s time for our monthly wrap. Yes! It’s time for November’s greatest hits. Scroll-on down for the best of November. Bug Blitz, like in October, captured the imaginations and…

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Get your very own P.A.M x MPavilion tee!

GIF by Frank Valvo

Designed by P.A.M especially for MPavilion, these tees are inspired by this year’s MPavilion architect Bijoy Jain and his design for MPavilion 2016—as well as MPavilion’s location in the colourful, verdant Queen Victoria Gardens. The material is 100% cotton cheesecloth, sourced from India to match this season’s MPavilion commission, and the tees are unisex and…

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