MMusic Bedroom Suck Records presents ‘Duets’: Dag + Primo!

Sun 29 Jan 2017, 5.00pm–7.00pm



2017-01-29 2017-01-29 Australia/Melbourne Bedroom Suck Records presents ‘Duets’: Dag + Primo! MPavilion MPAVILION
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Melbourne independent music favourites Bedroom Suck Records brings us a double-bill of two tops like-minded local bands who, by virtue of sonic difference or unseen celestial forces, don’t ordinarily collaborate. For the second instalment of Bedroom Suck Records’s ‘Duets’ series Dag and Primo! take to MPavilion for two early evening, mid-summertime sets.

Dag play songs about the country, about the city, and about trying to find yourself somewhere in between. Always surrounded by isolation, living in your head—the company of strangers or the solitude of the bush. The band will be launching their third single, Benefits of Solitude’ off their forthcoming album of the same name out in February.

Primo! is a weekly collaboration between Violetta DelConte-Race, Suzanne Walker and Xanthe Waite that has been constant for over a year now. Their songs sound like the strange places you go when you’re working 9-5 and can’t go anywhere: Kings Cross the magnetic strip, ghosts in New York we didn’t see, a to b, sea a sonic mirage. This is Primo.

Come down to MPavilion for this doubly-great double bill of Melbourne talent.

This is one of three ‘Duets’ presented by Bedroom Suck Records this summer at MPavilion:

MMusic—Bedroom Suck Records presents ‘Duets’: Angel Eyes & Fia Fiell. Friday 13 January, 6pm–9pm.

MMusic—Bedroom Suck Records presents ‘Duets’: Elizabeth Mitchell + Jess Ribiero. Sunday 12 February, 5pm–7pm.


Artist riders at MPavilion are generously supported by the lovely crew at Sample Brew.

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